Submit links to your website and/or jpegs of your work for consideration to: chocolateandart@gmail.com or use our online submission form.


Artist are asked to contribute $15.00 for each piece they are submitting ( good for both days if 2 days show ) to help cover the cost of renting the venue ( costs to cover the show ) *Some shows are one-day only. Pricing is the same.

A) Minimum 3 pieces, Maximum 8 pieces B) Max piece size of 36”x36”
  1. (Everything over is $5 extra)
  2. Must not exceed 48”x48”

Yes, returning artists contribute $10 for pieces 36 x 36 and under, and $15 for pieces 48 x 48 and under.

No, ARTISTS SELL THEIR OWN ART WORK AND TAKE 100% PROFIT. WE DO NOT TAKE COMMISSION. Payment options are up to you. For credit options, we recommend downloading SQUARE.

No, however it is strongly recommended. Again, you are selling your own works. It is best if you, the artist, are engaging with your audience and working to gain more interest for yourself. If you are not able to make one of the days, both days, or need to leave early/show up late, we ask that your works each have a label with your name and contact info, title of piece, and price on them. This way, interested buyers can get in touch with you.

A) Artist’s name B) Artist’s contact information (ie phone/email) C) Name of the piece (if applicable) D) Price for sale (if applicable)

Your labels should be the size of a business card (3.5” x 2”).

Please bring your labels and your own tacks the day of the show. Arrive 45 min before the show begins, find your art, and tack your labels next to your prospective works.

If one or more of your pieces sell(s), please inform your buyer that they may take their piece home after the show is over. If it sells on the first night of the event, your buyer may take it home with them that night AFTER 1AM AND only if you have ANOTHER SIMILAR SIZED PIECE to replace it with the next day, NO EXTRA CHARGE. Thank you for your cooperation! We can’t wait to hear about the interest you receive! *Some shows are one-day only. Buyers can take their art after 1am.

A) Please arrive during the listed hours with your works, payment (cash or credit), and your completely filled liability form. We will check you in and carefully store your paintings together. B) Please have your works ready to hang. We prefer wiring across the back. ***If your work does not have a way for us to hang it, we will not accept it. Canvases with a lip are acceptable, alligator hooks are acceptable. C) PLEASE HAVE YOUR INFORMATION ON THE BACK OF YOUR WORK.

At 1AM the last night or the next day between 11am-1pm, you can pick-up your work. You are not permitted to take your work before 1AM the last night of the show.

The show is 21 and up due to content such as live nudity, controversial subject matter and expression of art, and sometimes alcohol. If you are under 21, you may still submit your art, however, you will not be able to attend the show. If there is someone, a guardian or manager, you’d like to send in your place, we suggest that.

Yes, accepted artists get free entry. However, any “plus ones” will need to purchase tickets either from Eventbrite, at the door, or directly from usduring art drop-off hours only

Please submit website links and/or jpegs of your goods to chocolateandart@gmail.com. Don’t forget to mention which city in the subject line.

Please submit links to examples of your sound and look to chocolateandart.music@gmail.com. Don’t forget to mention which city in the subject line.

Please submit jpegs or links to your work to chocolateandart@gmail.com. Don’t forget to mention which city in the subject line.

Please submit body length or ¾ length jpegs of yourself (no nudes please) to chocolateandart@gmail.com. Don’t forget to mention which city in the subject line.

Eventbrite. Search “Chocolate and Art”. Prices vary in differing cities.

Yes, as long as we’re not at capacity for the venue space.

No, not unless it is a service animal. If your animal is a service animal, please let us know what physical task the animal provides to you.

You can either print your ticket or have it on your mobile device to be scanned.

Single day passes are only good for one day of the show.

We use Sephra Premium Milk Chocolate: All natural ingredients. Gluten and transfat free. Kosher dairy. Perfect for chocolate fountains!

Artist for Trauma( AFT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of both civilian and military trauma survivors by pairing recovering patients with established artists from various creative disciplines. In their signature aim to expedite the quality of the long-term recovery process for the significantly altered trauma survivor; they provide and facilitate FUN, adaptive, artistic platforms designed to provide free of charge, evidence-based, interactive, healing programs. AFT partners with local to international non- profits, trauma hospitals, businesses, post-acute rehabilitation facilities, military resource organizations, community based trauma support centers and support groups, individual trauma survivors, and local to internationally established artists to best provide AFT’s adaptive, empowering and creative, healing environments. http://www.artistsfortrauma.org/

Who doesn’t like art and who doesn’t appreciate chocolate? NO ONE! Two things that will never go out of style. The show implement an array of mediums all happening at once to stimulate every creative mood. The show will always have complimentary a chocolate stationDip, drop, drip and drizzle your way to enjoying your Quick chocolate delight like never before and enjoy the show.